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How long until I receive my finished piece?

What is Stamped in Clay?

Around 8 weeks. Why so long? There are many steps completed by hand one at a time in order to create the beautiful piece you will enjoy.

How long will it take?

The appointment itself will take about 15 minutes. The longest part is picking out the glaze color and ribbon.

Stamped in Clay provides a tastefully designed keepsake, a professional impression of your children's hands and feet preserved in ceramic clay. Each one starts out as a soft piece of organic, non-toxic clay into which I gently press a child's hands and feet.  I finish it by hand, glaze it in your choice of colors, and adorn it with ribbon.

Why Stamped in Clay?

Unlike kits that you try yourself, my clay is soft enough to capture tiny details that are so precious on little hands and feet. Most importantly, my experience making impressions enables me to take beautiful impressions almost every time, even with hesitant or very young children. I take pride in creating each piece one at a time so that each is as beautiful and unique as your child.

My baby won't uncurl his fingers, can you make an impression?

Curled fingers are something I am used to working with. I am confident that I can make your baby comfortable enough to uncurl their fingers long enough for me to get an impression. It helps that you get to hold them securely while doing the print.

How much does it cost?

Do you have gift certificates?

Yes! Contact me for details about buying a gift certificate.

Each piece ranges in price depending on what you are looking for. Check out the price sheet for current prices.

How do I get one?

1. Contact me for an appointment!

2. Come to a pop-up event that I will be at. Signups are typically announced two weeks prior to the event and you can find the information on my instagram posts.

Thanks for submitting!

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